just starting an exercise program

There are several things to consider before starting an exercise program.  First and foremost is to check in with your doctor to understand if there are any limits or suggestions in starting an exercise program.  Once you are cleared by your doctor to participate in an exercise program, you should plan a program that is varied and includes: cardiovascular training (aerobic activity), resistance training (lifting), and flexibility work.  What you do will depend on your fitness level.  Some general rules of thumb are:

to vary your aerobic or cardio training with some workouts to include varied paces while other workouts should consist of even moderate paces.

resistance training or weight lifting should include different exercises to work different muscle groups; typically, muscle groups should not be worked on consecutive days.

stretching should be done after the body is warm; pre and post workouts are the most common times to stretch.

A great list of resources for beginners can be found at: exrx and  Mayo Clinic 5 steps to fitness.  Don’t want to do the work to set up a program, send me an email.  I would be glad to work with you to set-up a program.


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