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Question… about fitness matters… fuel for long runs?

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Roland Thorpe asks: “When running a half marathon and during my long training runs when should I refuel? ”  Thanks for your question and I hope the runner’s workout we did is helpful in preventing injuries.  Ok, so to determine when you need to refuel you will need to monitor your long runs closely.  If you know about an hour fifteen minutes into your run you start feeling depleted, you should refuel at least 10 minutes or so prior to when you typically deplete.  This will prevent you from depleting your energy source and needing time to digest the fuel.  Use a few long training runs to figure out the best time for you.  What fuel is best?  That’s a personal preference … some people like Gu ; I’m not fond of the taste. I’ll use either a gummy bears or Sport Beans by Jelly Belly.   In general, an easily digestible carbohydrate, is the best fuel for a long run.